How to make a green cocktail

A fresh looking green cocktail with vodka, melon liqueur and beautiful flowers. You can read the recipe here.


beautiful contrast with the green and the purple. It makes me longing for summer already. This is the recipe for the green vodka cocktail: take 1 oz.(ounce) vodka and a 1/2 oz. of melon liqueur fill up with sparkling water and lots of ice. The melon liqueur adds the bright green colour to the cocktail. You can juggle a bit with the melon liqueur depending on how sweet you prefer it to be.

Add some slices of lime and a few flowers. The flowers are edible flowers, you can always ask your local deli if they are available.

It is always better to use edible flowers, because regular flowers are toxic. The flowers can also be
used in desserts and salads, which gives it just the extra sparkle.

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