Gin & Tonic special

A recipe for a special Gin & Tonic mix

Totally trendy right now is Gin & Tonic. In the early days I would not think about it and didn’t like the taste of it. Nowadays with all these special flavours I LOVE it!


For this recipe I have used 2 oz gin, I prefer Hendrick’s and another fine one is Tangueray Bloomsburry London,  and 5 oz of tonic. I love the one from Schweppes, a tonic with orange blossom & lavender or Fever Tree with an elderflower taste. Both are delicious and for an extra sparkle and taste I spray a tiny bit of rosewater on top.


Decorate with edible flowers some raspberries and a bit of thyme.


Imagine yourself on a warm day with this beautiful looking, cool cocktail.


There you have it, a Gin & Tonic special with rosewater. Cheers!


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