Restaurant Sens

A hidden gem and an absolute delight,  Restaurant Sens

sens lounge-4

Aculinary experience on a Michelin star level is what young chef 28 years old Karim Schumann had prepared for us. The chef has an impressive career already, working in Michelin star restaurants before, you can really notice his high levelled skills. We didn’t expect this experience at all. Therefore the surprise was even bigger. Every dish is a delight, beautifully presented and a surprise, because some things are not always what they look like. This looks like an oyster, but has totally other ingredients. It was all plated on a stone with a very fine palette of flavours.

sens lounge-14

First relaxing in the lounge with a gin-tonic,  cool music and a breathtaking view , the view and the view, wait, did I mention the view?

sens lounge-2

Such a relaxed and beautiful place that you never want to leave again. Did you ever had frozen beetroot? Tasted delicious. Perfect fresh sushi and a wonderful good looking salad accompanied by a very fine glass of Chablis.

Here I was talking to Chef Karim Schumann who explained passionate about his work.

Sens lounge belongs to the beautiful Hotel Vitznauerhof in Vitznau a great Holiday destination in Switzerland.  We had an amazing experience, great service and amazing food, what a delight.

Still dreaming! The only downside  could be that it is only open during the evening. If only I could sit there all day long, maybe that is why.

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