Still life inspiration

Still life inspiration in black & white This time I have decided to create some still life photos in black & white. You will get another look at the photos when it is without colour. Placing a group of different candles together and you will have a great still life effect. Always great for the still life... Continue Reading →

Today’s inspiration

Food photography for your inspiration For Today's inspiration I have taken some colourful shots with marshmallows, chocolate and flowers. It is only meant for decoration, because this combination is totally not edible. Marshmallows and chocolate together will make the marshmallows, hard as a rock, not nice. Love the bright Pink with the chocolate, it really splashes out.... Continue Reading →

Time to relax

It is time to relax If we all could relax for at least half an hour a day, that would really make a difference. Everybody is  always busy these days, with work, children, household, meetings, etc. And don’t forget social media. It is a lot to take in and time goes by so quickly. It... Continue Reading →

Today’s Inspiration the Instagram look

How to create the Instagram look For today's inspiration, how to create  the Instagram look, a cappuccino with pink hearts. Created with the Canon EOS 700D in close-up mode. I have used Adobe Lightroom to edit the photos. I have done the following: increased the exposure to +1.25 and highlights to +50.  Than I decreased the whites to... Continue Reading →

Photos for Today’s Inspiration

Photos for my topic' Today's Inspiration' Taken with my camera the Canon EOS 700D. I have used the setting close-up, because it will focus on your subject and make the rest a little blur and gives it more dept. I love that one. Further, I've downsized the colours a bit with saturation, to get a hazy atmosphere. I... Continue Reading →

Today’s Inspiration

I have taken a few pictures with the Canon EOS 700D each with a different scene and setting Ihave used the settings close-up, automatic and portrait. Later I have used some filters for different colour schemes. You can see the change in shape,sharpness and in colour. See here the difference between the photos.

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