Collage how to make a green cocktail

A collage from a former post how to make a green cocktail Great items to make a fresh cocktail or lemonade. The bright green colour really pops out. For more photos and recipe go to my former post. Green cocktail by THE VIRTUAL STYLIST Selected as a Top Home Set 07.03.2016 by Polyvore Menu Water Jug... Continue Reading →

Ready for Spring

I cannot wait till spring is coming and everything changes. The birds are singing, flowers are blossoming , the green is brighter and I feel more happy and energetic. Here some examples how to decorate for spring and a collage. With the right flowers you can give your room a great atmosphere. Change with every... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Special

A Valentines's special with sweets for my sweet, a collage with Valentine's gift idea's and photos for how to decorate on the special day. Do you remember the lyrics 'sweets for my Sweet' from the band the Drifters in 1961  Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey Your first sweet kiss thrilled me so Sweets for my... Continue Reading →

A collage with Kitchen Accessories

A collage with kitchen accessories. This is a colour combination I love. For me copper suits the best with dark colours, but it's all personal of course. It is selected as a Top Home Set on Polyvore  15.01.2016 Hydro Flask 64 Oz Wide Mouth Viners titanium chef knive - Wedgwood kitchen dining - Copper cannister - Continue Reading →

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