Summer feel

It is summer and for me that means: sun, fun, happy, holiday and time to relax, here some impressions and a collage. Love the feel of summer in the air, time to enjoy and relax. Staring over a white beach and turquoise waters it is very easy to forget the world around you. Nothing better than a fancy picnic... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Sens

A hidden gem and an absolute delight,  Restaurant Sens Aculinary experience on a Michelin star level is what young chef 28 years old Karim Schumann had prepared for us. The chef has an impressive career already, working in Michelin star restaurants before, you can really notice his high levelled skills. We didn't expect this experience at all. Therefore the surprise was... Continue Reading →

Luxury Villa Rentals and Yachts Mykonos

In cooperation with Mykonosgold I am able to show you a small part of their amazing collection in Luxury Villa Rentals and Yachts on Mykonos (Greece). They are all of magnificent architecture and interior design, fully equipped, with swimming pools, gardens and idyllic views. The quiet, heavenly environment, in combination with the big blue, the warm... Continue Reading →

Puro Beach Mallorca

Great Hot Spot on Mallorca, Puro Beach. They also have their own Design Hotel located in Palma de Mallorca. In spring 2004 the Swedish entrepreneur and founder of the Puro brand, Mats Wahlström, decided to realize a project Puro Hotel in Palma de Mallorca, a project with a travelling, cosmopolitan and nomadic spirit which would reflect... Continue Reading →

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