Spring home accessories

Found some cute spring accessories that I would love to share with you It is still spring although the temperatures say different. It feels like summer with temperatures between 20-25 degrees in Europe now. These items and colors can be used both in spring and summer. It is all about the mood you want to... Continue Reading →

Gin & Tonic special

A recipe for a special Gin & Tonic mix Totally trendy right now is Gin & Tonic. In the early days I would not think about it and didn't like the taste of it. Nowadays with all these special flavours I LOVE it! For this recipe I have used 2 oz gin, I prefer Hendrick's and another fine... Continue Reading →

Ready for Spring

I cannot wait till spring is coming and everything changes. The birds are singing, flowers are blossoming , the green is brighter and I feel more happy and energetic. Here some examples how to decorate for spring and a collage. With the right flowers you can give your room a great atmosphere. Change with every... Continue Reading →

Found on Vanity Fair Paris Spring 2015 Ready to Wear. I love this look and the Faux fur Boa gives it a special touch.

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