Summer feel

It is summer and for me that means: sun, fun, happy, holiday and time to relax, here some impressions and a collage. Love the feel of summer in the air, time to enjoy and relax. Staring over a white beach and turquoise waters it is very easy to forget the world around you. Nothing better than a fancy picnic... Continue Reading →

Gin & Tonic special

A recipe for a special Gin & Tonic mix Totally trendy right now is Gin & Tonic. In the early days I would not think about it and didn't like the taste of it. Nowadays with all these special flavours I LOVE it! For this recipe I have used 2 oz gin, I prefer Hendrick's and another fine... Continue Reading →

Eye Reviver from Dior beauty

Found on Dior Beauty  Eye Reviver eye shadow palette to brighten the eyes The new summer look Tie Dye from Dior is an explosion of colours we see coral, beige, yellow, red, pink and one of my favourites, pale pink in the palette of Dior. Enough choices to make everybody happy. I say summer here we... Continue Reading →

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